Bento of the Week: Nick Jr.

Thank you to everyone who participated and/or voted in the Pumpkin BOTW. Congratulations to Corey at Family Fresh Meals for getting the most votes for her Pumpkin Harvest Bento.  This bento will be displayed for the next week in the featured blog widget on the sidebar and the winners gets a special blog button announcing their win!

Remember this themed bento meme will be posted each Friday and will accept entries through the following Tuesday. Voting will take place on Wednesday & Thursday. We’ve had some fairly easy themes, but this week requires more creativity. November will be technique challenges. Upcoming themes are listed on the sidebar.

Week 4 Theme: Nick Jr

Week four’s theme for Bento of the Week is Nick Jr. Please post the direct link to any bento you’ve created that depicts a Nick Jr show, either past or present. You can see a list of all Nick Jr shows here. You can post more than one, but it needs to be your bento. You may post a bento that has been submitted on a previous week, but it must fit the theme. Please visit all the participants and leave some love! Please grab one of the Bento of the Week graphics (at the bottom of this site) to post on your blog. Please help spread the word about Bento Blog Network!! Next week’s theme: Halloween

Bento of the Week 4 – Nick Jr


Introducing Bento of the Week Meme

The intent of the Bento Blog Network (BBN) is for people who make bento lunches to connect online. There is no better way to do than to show off the bentos we make. Many people participate in Shannon’s What’s For Lunch Meme on Wednesday and others participate in Muffin Tin Monday. I thought it would be good to create a meme for Fridays.

Each Friday, BBN will be posting a theme and participants can link up their bento photos that correspond to that theme. The themes will be announced a week in advance so that you have time to make a bento with that theme over the week. You can post a bento you create that week or one you created previously, just as long as it meets the theme. Feel free to suggest themes via post comments. Submissions for the meme will be accepted through the following Tuesday at 8pm CST. At that time voting will be enabled on the linky and you can place a vote for your favorite two submissions. The bento with the most votes will be put up in our Featured Blog of the Week Widget on the sidebar. That featured winner will get a special button to display on their blog.

Week 1 Theme: Anything Goes

Since this meme is brand new today you can post a bento lunch with any theme. You can post more than one, but it needs to be your photo. Please visit all the participants and leave some bento love (comments)! Feel free to grab one of the Bento of the Week graphics (at the bottom of this site) to post on your blog.
Next week’s theme: Smiles Bento must contain some kind of smiley face

Coloring Rice Tutorial

How do you color rice that can be eaten? It’s really an easy process! You just add food coloring to the water before you add the rice.

Here is several drops of yellow food coloring in the water in our rice cooker. Then stir.


Then you add the rice & cook.

This is how it turns out. This was not super yellow. Of course Saffron rice could have been used for yellow.


Add more drops for darker colors. Here you can see where I added a lot of red food coloring for dark red which I used for Elmo.


Submitted by Diana of Bento Blog Network