The Place I Live in is Now Free of All Bugs

After a rough divorce, I needed a way to support myself, my children and stay in the apartment that I previously shared with my ex-husband. I had been a stay at home wife since the age of 19, so I simply did not have the degree needed to get a very high paying job. When a friend asked me if she could pay me to take care of her little girl so that she could work, I realized I found my calling. But I also knew that I would need to find an exterminator in NYC that would rid my place of all insects before I took care of anyone else’s child.

I live in a very old building with over 60 apartment units in it. The hallways are dark and cramped and there are so many places for bugs to hide. So, I talked to our landlord about it and he said he would do it. The problem was that three weeks later, I was still waiting for him to do something about it. This prompted me to find a company on my own. I called a variety of places to get quotes on doing each of the units in our place. I then made a list of the top five companies that had the best prices to my landlord. He was a little embarrassed, but grateful for the extra help. He said that he had been meaning to call a variety of companies, but had not since it takes so much time.

Thanks to me, he picked the company he liked best and had someone come in to spray last week. It was then that I was able to let me friend know that I would watch her child. She’s paying me $300 per week. On top of that, I let all my other friends know I was open for business, and two more friends brought their little ones over for me to watch. I will now be able to make it on my own with paying my own bills!