Working with Someone Who Isn’t Part of My Family Turned out to Be the Best Option

My sister and I talked many years about starting our own business together doing property management. In the end, she flaked on me just recently. I had to scramble quickly to try to keep things going smoothly. Rather than hire someone as an employee, I decided to pay a part time helper in Singapore to assist me instead. I just wasn’t sure if I could trust needing to watch over someone who works only for me. Instead, hiring someone else from another local company meant that I would be getting help from someone else who already has a known track record of good work. I figured this would give me some extra time to figure out what to do next.

My sister has never been known to be the most focused person in our family. She’s not a bad person, but she’s just not reliable. But family is important, and I wanted to have her by my side. We spend a lot of hours talking about plans for our business, and she assured me that she was on-board with everything that we had talked about when it came to our future business plans. We set a date to get everything going together, and we were off and running soon afterward. I was really pleased at how everything was going at first.

I knew there were problems when my sibling started coming back late from lunch on many occasions. I chose not to complain until she began showing up late on many mornings. I told her that I could see that she wasn’t taking things seriously. After that, she decided to drop out of our plans altogether. Handling the cleaning work at each one of the properties that I now run is not something that I can do on my own, and my sister was the one who was supposed to handle that. However, since I’ve been working with a part-time helper, I’ve found that that the helper is much more reliable than my sister ever was.