Do Your Research Before Getting a Tattoo Just to Be Sure

When I was a kid it was weird to see someone with a tattoo. It was an era where people still viewed them as being something wild and rebellious people do. Guys who were soldiers were given a little leeway in having a tattoo, but that was about it. You did not see any women with them. If you did, then they worked in a circus. Plus, you did not see anyone with sleeve tattoos unless they were from a culture where that was considered normal or worked in a traveling freak show. I know that sounds harsh, but it was just how it was back then. It is incredible how much a culture can change over the years.

Now you have tattoo shops all over the place. So many that it kind of reminds me of fast food chains. You used to have to go to a city, and the tattoo shop used to be in the less than respectable part of town. Now, they can be anywhere. TV shows have really brought them notoriety. I must admit that I still find it a bit odd to see women in their sixties wearing Capri pants showing off full portrait tattoos of their grandchildren on their legs. Just like they have chosen to get inked, I have chosen not to. That’s a decision that is okay to make too.

I would probably recommend that someone who wants to get a big tattoo on their first visit start out with a henna one instead. That way, if you do decide you do not like it, it will fade over time and disappear. I would also recommend a lot of research be done into everything from the inks to the artist if you are considering sleeve tattoos. You would not want it to bleed together in a few years to look like a mess or get messed up in the act of getting it.