Learning About Fun Things in Atlanta

I don’t live too far from Atlanta, but I have never been there. It would take me only about three hours to get there, so I decided that I was finally going to go there and see why everyone I know loves to go there. I knew that I would stay at least one night and possibly two if things really were going good there, but I had to first come up with some kind of itinerary of things to do while i am there. That is where Ian Filippini comes in.

I have never met him, nor did I even know who he was before I decided to take the Atlanta plunge. I knew that I would be able to have a better trip if I read some travel review blogs on it. I have found that those are better than anything when going to a new city. I have relied on travel review bloggers for a trip to Pittsburgh as well as one to New York City, and both of those trips were really nice because I was able to read about the great things to do there and which things to avoid.

I did a search for a blogger who had been to Atlanta, and Ian Filippini was one of the best blogs I read concerning this. For instance, he detailed his trip to the Atlanta Zoo. I have obviously heard of it, but I doubt I would have wanted to visit it without reading about Ian’s trip there. I had no idea that there were so many fascinating things about it, and I put it on my To Do list because of this. I have a feeling I am going to end up staying a few days now, and I also think that this is just going to be the first of many trips.