Building a Nice Home Theater

Of course this is something where you can spend outrageous sums of money. You can have a big popcorn machine and theater seating, or really expensive seating that would cost a lot more. I am not thinking about any of that sort of stuff really, but I am looking around for a nice big screen TV set and I guess I will make my decision after the Cyber Monday 2016 TV deals come out in a couple of weeks. I am sort of wondering if I want a big screen set or a projection TV. There are a lot of advantages to a projector, the big one being portability. I know one guy who has football parties in his backyard, which is nice. He has a second mounting point in his garage and it only takes a few minutes to move the projector outdoors and set it up. However there are also a number of problems with them. The bulb is only going to last so long and it costs a whole lot of money to replace one of them.

I am guessing that at a minimum, I am looking for a fifty inch TV. Obviously something bigger would be better, but you want to get a good set that has a number of the best features. The ultra high resolution is really nice, although it is not something which is going to give you a huge day to day benefit right now. There just is not a lot of programming out there that uses it. If you have cable you do not even come close to it. They broadcast in 720p around here and I suspect that the same is true of just about any other place. If you get satellite, then they have ultra high definition programming, but we have a lot of trees.