The Apartment of My Dreams

I visited a friend in Phoenixville and just fell in love with the area. I had not seen her since we both graduated from college, which was several years earlier. She told me that she had a job opportunity that would be perfect for me, so I flew out to hear the details. I stayed in her apartment, and I really liked it. That is why when I decided to relocate there, I did a search for Phoenixville apartments for rent to see if there were any available rentals in her complex.

I was happy to see that there were. Even though I would be living by myself, I still wanted a two bedroom apartment with two baths. I knew that I would have overnight visitors at least on a semi regular basis because of the large size of my family, and I wanted to have a nice guest room available to them. I was able to get a really nice two bedroom and two bath for a price much lower than I expected. I was still used to the big city prices of New York City, so it was nice to see that I would save money all around by moving here.

The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. My bedroom has a nice walk in closet, and the room is large enough to where I can fit in more than just a bed and dresser. I have a chair and a few bookcases as well, and my bath is right off my room, making it private for my use only even when I do have company. Next to the guest room is a balcony, and I spend more time there than I wouldhave thought I would, because it is so peaceful and the views are just too gorgeous. I now have a great apartment and a dream job. Now, I hope I can find the man of my dreams next!