Our First Apartment As a Married Couple

When we first got married we lived with my wife’s parents. Yes, you can imagine. It was okay, but not ideal. It was only to be for the short term. I was supposed to move to a new division in my company and that would have us moving out of state. It fell through right after we got married. We stayed for a month with her parents after the honeymoon. Then we found a really nice Sandy Springs apartment. It was perfect for the two of us. It is our first home that is not the ones we grew up in. We were able to get a lease because of our jobs and we have good credit. No cosigners were needed. We are starting this journey together the right way.

I am so very happy that my wife had a very nice place to live. This place is classy and very clean. The grounds outside remind me of one of the pro golf courses. It all looks very nice. The interior of our apartment looked brand new. They really take care of this place. We are neat freaks and have no problem living here. It is affordable to us on our living budget. We both drive used cars that we keep well maintained, and we are not into keeping up with the Jones’ for fashion and other things. We are saving our money to one day buy a house and property of our own. However, this apartment is going to be tough to beat. We have plenty of room and we can never have a back yard as nice as the grounds here.

I am just saying that you do not have to settle for some dingy apartment if you are a young couple who just got married. There are affordable places out there with lots of amenities that make them very inviting.