All Shows Need a Season Pass

I’ve been a subscriber to cable providers ever since I was old enough to have my own place. I didn’t even know that I had options available to me. For a while I cut the cord using only my PlayStation as a streaming device, as well as a Roku for the television in my bedroom, but once shows like Game of Thrones started becoming produced I knew that I was going to have to go with Direct TV for Colorado Springs to get my fix. While they have similar pricing and packages like cable companies, I no longer enjoy the idea of supporting those companies who are trying to ruin the Internet for the rest of us.

The installation was a breeze even if I now have a satellite dish on my roof which, honestly, is actually rather cool. I like the idea of having my very own satellite and I’ve already begun entertaining ideas to find some kind of hacks that I might be able to use it for. Who knows what kind of signals I could potentially tap into but that kind of engineering might be far out of my league unless, of course, a DIY guide has been written!

Now if I could just get premium content without having to pay the packaging price, that would be kind of great. I really like the fact that on my PlayStation I can order a ‘season pass’ of some shows without having the channel that they come on. Now that is the kind of micro service that I am game for. If I could pay five to ten bucks a month whenever Game of Thrones was playing instead of the $30 that I pay now, yeah of course I would be going for that but it would also let me pay for other content of theirs that I may want.